“Light in the Darkness”

Kingston Episcopal Area Advent Quiet Day
St John the Baptist, Worcester Park
4 December 2012

I am very grateful to Bishop Michael Doe for leading the Kingston Episcopal Area Advent Quiet Day and to the Vicar of St John the Baptist, The Revd Kevin Scott, for hosting the day.

In his introduction to the Day, Bishop Michael wrote,
As we move into a new Lectionary year, with the Sunday Gospels drawn mainly from St Luke, the three addresses will focus on Zechariah, Mary and Simeon as they await and celebrate the coming of Christ, and their three songs which Luke records.  What does the coming of Christ mean for us? How does it change the way we see the world and how we are called to live in it?”   

Bishop Michael gave 3 addresses during the day:

1. Benedictus (based on Luke, Chapter 1, verses 67-79)

2. Magnificat (based on Luke, Chapter 1, verses 46-55)

3. Nunc Dimittis (based on Luke, Chapter 2, verses 25-32)

Bishop Michael was General Secretary of the United Society for the Progagation of the Gospel (now known as Us) from 2004 to 2011 and kindly made available copies of his book, “Today! The Mission of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke” at the Quiet Day in return for a donation to Us.   If you are a member of the clergy in the Kingston Episcopal Area and would like a copy of this book please contact my PA, Margaret Humphries.