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Bishop Richard has been Bishop of Kingston since 2002.The innovative Christian-Muslim inter faith course, Sharing Perspectives” will take place for the third time at St George’s College, Jerusalem in March 2016.    The course is supported by the Christian Muslim Forum and is unusual in tackling the need for inter faith understanding at grass roots level by providing participants with the opportunity to engage with, and learn from, one another in the unique and fraught context of the Holy Land.  It aims to give participants the deeper understanding which they need to respond constructively through positive engagement to situations of great stress and is particularly well-suited to people in the early stages of their ministry, and to those who can take part in a pair with a local colleague from the other faith.    Further details and an application form are at


This site describes some of my activities as the Church of England’s Bishop of Kingston, and offers some of my reflections and writing, in the hope that they will be of interest and use to others in their journey of life and faith.

In my work I have taken seriously the challenges of

–   scientific perspectives on reality and whether they are compatible with faith in God

–   the diversity of religions and how they relate to one another
–   issues of justice, poverty and ecology

Recent additions to the web site

Whatever happened to Truth?
Inaugural Professorial Lecture for University of Roehampton, November 2015

Relationships – with each other, our Church, the planet, and God
Diocese of Southwark’s “Noticeboard”, May 2015

Equipping Christian leadership in an age of science – article to accompany the launch of the three-year project funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation
15 March 2015

Your Gospel is too small – talk for Operation Noah’s Climate Change Workshop, “Spirit in action for the climate” at St John’s Waterloo, as part of the “Hope for the Future” campaign
14 March 2015

Talk for the inter faith Mawlid celebration held by the Sunni Muslim Association in Tooting
17 January 2015

How to make climate change an issue which churches address
Ideas paper by Bishop Richard for the Church of England’s Environment Working Group
January 2015

Is there a place for faith in society today?
Kingston University’s Annual Lecture, 17 November 2014

Poverty and justice
Sermon at the London Borough of Wandsworth’s Civic Service, 23 November 2014

What’s beneath the iceberg?  Collective worship and school ethos
Paper for the Annual Conference of Southwark Diocesan Head Teachers’ Association, 2 October 2014

The importance of theological reflection
Diocese of Southwark’s “Noticeboard”, July 2014