Bishop Richard has been Bishop of Kingston since 2002.

This site describes some of my activities as the Church of England’s Bishop of Kingston, and offers some of my reflections and writing, in the hope that they will be of interest and use to others in their journey of life and faith.

In my work I have taken seriously the challenges of

–   scientific perspectives on reality and whether
they are compatible with faith in God
–   the diversity of religions and how they relate to
one another
–   issues of justice, poverty and ecology

Recent additions

Lies, damned lies, science and religion
“Update”, the Newsletter of the British Regional Committee of St George’s College, Jerusalem, November 2013)

Diocese of Southwark’s “Noticeboard”, November 2013

Taking care of God’s Creation
Diocese of Southwark’s “Noticeboard”, July 2013

Why science matters to faith and where to start
Church Times, 24 May 2013

Climate change: Why every church leader should know the scientific, theological and biblical imperatives
Kingston Episcopal Area Symposium, 11 June 2013

St George 4 All!   On St George’s Day 2013, the Christian Muslim Forum is one of many leading faith groups which sees St George as the representative of all English peoples.

Truth claims in Science and Religion: Why engaging in the conversation between Theology and Science is vital for every Church Leader
Kingston Episcopal Area Symposium, 5 February 2013

Light in the darkness”
Kingston Episcopal Area Advent Quiet Day, 4 December 2012

My response to the General Synod’s vote on Women Bishops

Reflections from my sabbatical

“Doctrine matters” or, “It’s the theology, stupid!”
(Talk given at Church Divinity School of the Pacific, 22 September 2012)